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Immediate Venture Perspectives: How Crypto is Different from Other Types of Trading?

Crypto-funding is a very convenient way of trading at the current stage of improving a person’s material wealth due to Immediate Venture’s perspectives.



Brokers in the foreign exchange and stock markets have existed for a long time. Thus, they have proven themselves and are designed for large trading turnovers exceeding billions of dollars.

Immediate Venture has grown into a significant intermediary broker and keeps on developing its infrastructure in order to meet the needs of institutional investors who are increasingly interested in trading cryptocurrency assets.



If the cryptocurrency market is decentralized by its nature and difficult to regulate, then Immediate Venture is tied to specific exchanges, that is, liquidity providers. This means that the rules for accessing Immediate Venture exchanges are regulated by the financial institutions associated with them.

The crypto market is not regulated by such strict rules and is accessible to a wide range of users, although there are some restrictions. In fact, you don’t even need a passport to trade cryptocurrencies on the Immediate Venture platform!



For a long time, cryptocurrencies were believed to be independent of other assets, making them relatively sovereign. However, this happened because most players were a few crypto enthusiasts, and cryptocurrency was not widespread enough worldwide. As the crypto market matured and the influx of institutional investors, the picture changed from Immediate Venture’s point of view: the correlation between the traditional and cryptocurrency markets with the participation of Immediate Venture began to be observed more and more clearly!



According to Immediate Venture, high volatility of cryptocurrencies occurs in low-liquid markets during times of high trading activity. This means that players with large capital make large purchases or sales, which can lead to a distinctive change in cryptocurrency rates and profitability systems.

Cryptocurrencies are among the most volatile assets. During the day, the rate of this asset may smoothly switch to 100% in any directive. This is typical only for shares of companies with small capitalization. Yet, in the crypto market, such trading issues occur more often.


Immediate Venture Personal Visions: We Outperform Other Money-Making Forms

Our Birth History

Immediate Venture is a peer-to-peer payment system that provides the ability to make payments using a currency that is in the digital form of the platform. According to the accurate facts about the platform, we provide just an indispensable decentralized payment system where electronic payment between two parties occurs without any central authority.

From the perspective of Immediate Venture users, our crypto forms can be perceived as “cash” circulating on the Internet. Crypto trading is an accounting system for triple entry or registration on the Immediate Venture platform. Immediate Venture provides a powerful P2P electronic payment system that uses cryptographic techniques to operate and secure it, thereby eliminating transaction costs.

How Digital Money System Works on Immediate Venture

For the average Immediate Venture user, it is possible to open a personal digital wallet, allowing the Immediate Venture user to send and receive crypto. This is how our personal system works for most of Immediate Venture users. In other words, Immediate Venture works by constantly updating a replicated distributed database (known as a blockchain) for any existing currency.

Every computer connected to our network stores a copy of the blockchain and confirms every transaction carried out through each specific computer. Every time when a new online transaction is “announced,” Immediate Venture users update their database with the corresponding transaction.

Immediate Venture Taxation

Crypto money cannot be considered real money and should not be given the characteristics of a legal monetary unit in any jurisdiction. Often, taxation processes are formed regardless of the tool used. There is a large legal framework in various jurisdictions from which income, sales, or other forms of tax liability may arise due to the handling of virtual coins.

Transactions carried out with virtual currency on Immediate Venture could be taxed in the same way as traditional ones carried out through ordinary, already familiar payment methods. However, Immediate Venture is not subject to VAT under the monetary conditions!

Immediate Venture Predicts About Potential Risks

There have been some concerns raised by Immediate Venture. In terms of its use as an auxiliary tool for financial fraud, it can be used when conducting private irreversible transactions. However, such a danger already exists when using conventional cash and when making electronic transfers, which are used everywhere today.

Undoubtedly, the use of financial tools on the Immediate Venture platform should be subject to the provisions used for already existing financial systems. Therefore, through this prism, virtual money transfers cannot become an obstacle to investigations of financial crimes. Immediate Venture diligently prevents any manifestations of fraud or potential investment risks.

Advantages of Bitcoin in the Cryptocurrency Market


Immediate Venture is an intermediary trading platform that allows you to transfer any amount of money in a matter of minutes and with a minimum commission. For example, in 2013, a transaction worth $194 million was carried out with a commission of only 10 cents! Immediate Venture works on a similar principle.


We provide the usage of a cryptocurrency that cannot be counterfeited or double-spent. Each financial transaction of Immediate Venture is verified and confirmed by a network of nodes that ensure that there are no double spending or attempts to change data already recorded. Thanks to cryptographic security methods (cryptography), Immediate Venture crypto forms are one of the safest types of money on the following platform.


All Immediate Venture users, who themselves determine their own conditions for using the cryptocurrency. It is also resistant to censorship and confiscation since no one can block or revoke a transaction once it has been confirmed by the network. Trading on Immediate Venture is not subject to any central authority, state, or organization that could control its issue, price, or rules.


We have divided crypto money into 100 million parts. This means that you will be able to buy, sell, transfer, or send very small amounts, such as 0.0000000 on the Immediate Venture platform. This makes the cryptocurrency convenient for micropayments on Immediate Venture.


Some Words About Immediate Venture

Immediate Venture is a trading platform that helps professional traders and beginners purchase cryptocurrency and sell it for a certain price. Immediate Venture is a long-awaited perfect platform that promises convenient transactions as well as complete security for withdrawing and receiving funds in the format of virtual currency, turning into real money.

Immediate Venture is a well-thought-out and developed online trading platform software for transmitting orders to a broker or exchange. Immediate Venture can be classified as a trading platform where the priority aspect is normal trading functionality.

Analytical capabilities are provided depending on the specific program the trader is targeting. The Immediate Venture platform helps to study the market “under a microscope,” while others provide only a minimal “gentlemanly” set.

Immediate Venture platform was developed for technical, cluster, and fundamental analysis. The tools of such a platform include a wide range of technical indicators, charts, tools for drawing and searching for patterns, footprints, and other “helpers.” The Immediate Venture platform is supplemented with news feeds, signals, and reporting as needed.

Immediate Venture is a significant innovation of a financial nature, being a means of payment that does not have any tangible material form. The prospects for the Immediate Venture platform are quite bright since this system is increasingly gaining momentum around the world.

Immediate Venture Working Principles

The Immediate Venture trading platform “can” send orders from a trader to a broker, is capable of displaying five types of charts, and assesses risk for a portfolio and individual instruments. The platform’s operating system includes technical analysis indicators, volume study tools, order books, portfolio assessment tools, a list of open positions, and transaction results.

The trading functionality of the Immediate Venture terminal allows you to send orders to a broker, place limit orders, and launch trading robots. Analytical tricks include charts, technical analysis indicators, order books, quote tables, and testing strategies on real data.

Additional analytical functionality of the Immediate Venture platform is a screener for stocks, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies, as well as a strategy tester. Our platform has developed trading options according to which users can connect to a brokerage or exchange account and send orders directly from the service without additional terminals. Immediate Venture is available on both browser and desktop versions.


Sign-up for Immediate Venture to Become a Full-Fledged Trader

To join our platform, you should follow some steps to become a full member. Every new trader will find this seemingly “significant” step easy to start investing and earning money!

  • Step 1
    Check out the web resource.

    First, do a little “investigation” on the site to understand what a given trading platform is. You can visually familiarize yourself with the menu, icons, and functionality to ensure its quality and ease of use. You will probably understand that Immediate Venture is what you are looking for in convenient online trading.

  • Step 2
    Complete Registration.

    This is one of the main steps to becoming a member of this online trading platform. Registration on the following resource is very simple and does not take much time. You will not receive full access to the online trading platform without registration. Thus, specify basic data in the required registration form.

  • Step 3
    Contact support.

    Perhaps you will need help and additional consultation from trading specialists. Thus, you will simplify the use of the current online platform to the proper level for further interaction with it. Such a web resource is relatively easy to use, but some issues may arise.

  • Step 4
    Start with traditional trading.

    Now, you can start trading and buying a currency. To do this, you will be looking for a trader among professionals who can sell you on this platform a certain amount, implying cryptocurrency. Note that online trading is a common and more profitable form of making passive income throughout the world.

How Effective Is Immediate Venture?

To start making money from trading, you need to choose a good trading platform and trading tools. Developing a strategy and testing it on a demo account is also important. You also need to use risk management and constantly improve your skills. Immediate Venture will help you with this! That is why this online trading platform is effective in the modern cryptocurrency market.

Our platform will help both beginners and professionals make money from trading and is a good example of trading financial instruments. Thanks to the trading platform, you will find out how much traders actually earn and whether there is an alternative for those who want to earn income without active trading.

Our team also identified the best options for working in the financial markets and developed step-by-step instructions for beginners that will help you start making money from online trading.



What’s the Biggest Advantage of Being a Trader?

First of all, you will get a free schedule and financial independence. You can work as much as you want because sometimes, you only need to make one successful trade a day to make money from trading! The amount of earnings depends only on the trader.

What Does the Immediate Venture Platform Allow a Trader?

This is complete freedom of action! Traders now determine the instruments they want to work with and how much money they are willing to invest to earn passive money. You need to practice a lot and for a long time to achieve results.

How Much Do Traders Earn on Average?

The amount of a trader’s earnings in financial markets is not fixed. For example, today, you can earn 100-1000 dollars, but tomorrow you will lose 300! The more experience you have, the less chance of a drawdown, which means your income will be greater.

How Much Do New Traders Often Lose?

You can earn a lot, but not at once. According to statistics on various resources, most newcomers lose money in the first year of work – from 68 to 95%. Also, remember that making money from trading is not guaranteed. Even experienced market participants lose money, let alone novice traders.



Efficiency of Use

Vast Membership Base


Fair Pricing Policy

Minimum Investment

Has various tools for modern and fast trading

Implies a well-thought-out algorithm for operating the platform with a high frequency

Available in almost all countries and regions

Works without obstacles or restrictions in terms of accurate online trading

Implies no additional fees for services

Promises a deposit with minimal investments of a few dollars or more


Has various tools for modern and fast trading

Efficiency of Use

Implies a well-thought-out algorithm for operating the platform with a high frequency

Vast Membership Base

Available in almost all countries and regions


Works without obstacles or restrictions in terms of accurate online trading

Fair Pricing Policy

Implies no additional fees for services

Minimum Investment

Promises a deposit with minimal investments of a few dollars or more